Office / Guest Room Remodel

This is SUCH a refreshing sight to see !! Since we moved into our home in July 2017, this room was the most underused space in the house. It became a dumping ground for wrapping paper, random purchases, tchotchkes, and cleaning supplies. As the rest of our first floor came together, I knew it was finally time to tame this first floor bedroom.

I wanted this room to be multi-functional since we wouldn’t have someone in the guest room at all times. Since Nick works from home from time-to-time, I thought that the primary purpose of this room could be a home office. But, I also wanted this room to be the guest room since it’s the only bedroom on the first floor and so, it became an office/guest room combo. First, some “before” pictures. I must warn you – these are truly some “before” pictures. No de-cluttering, no straightening up. Yikes.

The first thing we did was paint the room. It was originally a grayish blue color, so we brightened it up with Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams, which is a pretty, neutral gray. We also sanded and painted all of the baseboards and trim in Extra White by Sherwin Williams. Another major addition was to replace the old window treatments with faux wooden blinds.

I traded in our old desk for a smaller, more modern-looking piece. What I like about this desk, is that there is a pull-out file drawer on the right side. It’s nice to have a built-in feature for this purpose to minimize other bulky storage items like a file cabinet. And before anyone asks, no that is not a TV. That’s a 32″ computer monitor. Seeing as the desk is slightly over three feet wide, the best decision was to mount it. It could definitely be used as a small TV though for anyone staying in the guest room since it pulls out and swivels. Plug in a Fire TV Stick and you’re good to go!

Desk found here.

Another great find was this task chair. I wanted a black, minimalist chair to contrast with the cream bedding and this chair fit the bill perfectly. It looks much more expensive than it was and it tucks neatly under the desk for extra room.

Chair found here.
Pencil holder found here. Vase and greenery from Target, but no longer available online.

I really wanted to keep the top of the desk as clutter-free as I could, so there’s a wireless keyboard and mouse that can be put away as needed. I placed a trio of items on the corner of the desk to personalize and warm up the area. The items are small enough that the majority of the top of the desk is open and available work space.

Bowl found here. Faux succulent from Target, not online.

I was on the hunt for a lamp that was tall enough to bring some height to the far corner of the room and that was slim enough to contribute to the minimalist, but cozy, vibe I was trying to achieve. I popped into our area’s newest home furnishings store, HomeSense, and spotted this guy almost as soon as I walked in. I paired it with a small dish for keys/rings and a faux succulent in pretty pastel colors and the nightstand was complete!

Canvas artwork here.

I was torn on what art to put on this wall. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to go with the cactus print I posted about in my World Market finds post or something more abstract. I decided on this framed canvas because I didn’t want the room to have a too much of a Southwest feel, which is what I feared would happen with the cactus print. I love how the muted colors of the painting tie in with the lumbar pillow, the nightstand accents, and the rug, without matching exactly.

Rug found here.

Speaking of the rug, it was the first thing I bought for this room. I’ve always loved this Moroccan trellis rug and it comes in many color schemes. While I am a neutrals-loving girl at heart, I am not afraid of a little color to punch up a space! What I love about this rug is that the majority of the rug is a neutral cream so it can work with many decor styles, but the color print running through it makes it fun without throwing the rainbow scheme in your face.

Storage cube and bins.

This little nook is directly opposite the bed. I was originally going to use this storage cube in more of a traditional home office capacity and fill the open spaces with books, folders, etc. But, this is just another example of the multi-functionality of this room. The bins hold random office supplies and otherwise unsightly items and I placed some small decorative pieces in the open areas, making it feel like more of piece you’d find in a bedroom.

Lumbar pillow. Throw pillows from HomeGoods.

I am a big fan of mixing texture so I was happy to find this eyelash trimmed quilt. Quilts are back in a big way but the colors and patterns are so much more on trend than what you may remember from childhood. By pairing this textured quilt with the textured and fringed pillows, the bed looks warm and inviting even without a big, bulky duvet or comforter.

This is the first time we tried a buying a mattress online. There are so many companies to choose from, but we went with Tuft and Needle. The ordering process was so simple and the price was a fraction of what a mattress would cost if you purchased from an actual mattress store. It was easy to unbox and it feels comfortable. When our first guest spends the night, I’ll report back!

Links: bed, quilt, throw, mirror.

I am so, so happy with how this room turned out. I walk by it every single day since it’s right next to the staircase and it makes me so pleased to see an actual, functioning room and not just a dumping ground! I’ve tried to link as many items as I could, but if you have a question about where I purchased something, just drop me a comment!

xx, bk

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