March: Out & About

This month I ventured into a store I’ve actually never been inside before: Hobby Lobby. Maybe it’s because I don’t have a store super close to me or maybe it’s because I thought it was all craft stuff (which I’m decidedly NOT into), but I had just never visited Hobby Lobby. Recently, I was in Akron and decided I’d pop in and see if I could find any cute finds to share with you.

Of course I found some ceramic planters. I can’t go into a store and not check them out! I liked the simple design and shape of these and the neutral colors. A bright green plant would really pop inside these planters.

Hobby Lobby had some really great faux florals and greenery. Some of the flowers did look a little fake so I would choose carefully, but they had a lot of real-looking faux stems. I love to switch out greenery and florals in vases and other vessels with the seasons. It’s such an easy way to freshen up your home decor. I would definitely go back to Hobby Lobby when I’m in need of faux greenery.

I’m really into the simple, geometric designs lately. The footed planter would look cute with either a faux or a real succulent. I also loved the little blue and white bowls – perfect for snacks! I may have to go back and pick those up for the upcoming patio season…

One thing there was no shortage of at Hobby Lobby was framed sayings. So. Many. Quotes. I love things like this in moderation. That said, I did really like this sign. If the frame was black and not brown, or if I could have removed the print to re-frame, I probably would have bought it.

An interesting thing I noticed about Hobby Lobby is that they group design elements by theme and/or color. If you’re struggling with what to do in a space or having a hard time with “what looks good together,” it’s actually pretty helpful. Take a look at these pictures below.

You can see that the store grouped like items together for inspiration. In the first picture, they’re going for a desert, bohemian vibe. Notice the cactus print that I first saw at World Market and loved! And in the second picture, it’s an adventure, Western feel. Hobby Lobby had a lot of displays like this and I thought it was a pretty great idea to provide a starting point for thinking about decor. Now, I wouldn’t go and buy every single thing in the display, but it’s good to have an idea of decor items which complement each other.

Hobby Lobby had a small, but intriguing, selection of plug-in pendant lights. I loved the raw look of this wooden sculptural pendant. So many pendant lights are industrial looking and this was an unexpected find.

Again, with the geometric patterns! A pouf is a great alternative to an ottoman if you’re tight on space or if you want to add a more modern, playful touch. Ottomans can be a little stodgy, so pouf is nice option. I also liked the larger, flatter pouf underneath. It’s definitely more of a cushion so I wouldn’t use it like an ottoman, but it would be great to toss on the floor in a kid’s room to use when lounging around.

Anyone that has ever been to my old house will recognize this print! I had it hanging in my kitchen forever. Don’t worry, this cutie is alive and well at my new house, but I haven’t found a place for him just yet. I was so surprised to see this print at Hobby Lobby, mainly because I got it YEARS ago. But, I guess that proves that good things never really go out of style! Ha!

Overall, I would say that the decor available at Hobby Lobby isn’t really my personal style. I tend to lean more modern and less farmhouse. If farmhouse is your decorating style, this store is right up your alley! While I didn’t buy anything this time around, I will definitely go back again.

xx, bk

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