My New Favorite Nook

Is it unhealthy to be obsessed with a chair? Because I totally am. This chair is everything that I wanted: soft, buttery leather, gorgeous rum color, modern shape, and – bonus – it’s on a swivel! This is now my new favorite spot in my home. But, let’s back up to how this little nook looked before.

Since we moved into this house in July 2017, this is what this corner has looked like: a woven basket for blankets and a large clear vase with some sort of seasonal greenery inside. I always liked the way the corner looked, but I was forever on the hunt for an armchair. I knew that I wanted a chair of some sort there, but I had to find the right one since the space isn’t huge. I’m also big on not having rooms look too crowded, so I wanted to find something that didn’t have a large footprint.

A few weeks ago, Nick & I popped into Arhaus Loft. If you’ve never heard of Arhaus Loft, let me introduce you to the best-kept secret in Northeast Ohio. Unfortunately, it’s a one-of-a-kind store (there is, however, a smaller Loft location near Columbus) with no online order system, so if you’re not local, I’m sorry that you’re missing out! The Loft is the warehouse outlet to high-end furniture maker, Arhaus. On any given day, the inventory changes, so you’ll never know what gems you’re going to find. The prices aren’t exactly cheap, but they are at a steep discount from what you’d find at Arhaus.

I knew what kind of chair I wanted for this little nook — a warm, light brown, un-tufted leather that trended more modern and less traditional. Like I said, you never know what you’re going to find at Arhaus Loft and you never know if what you’re looking for will even exist in this giant warehouse. When we walked in, we began to take a lap around the place and about twenty minutes in, found this beauty. Not only was the design of the chair important, but it had to comfortably fit my 6’3″ husband! From first glance, the chair looks small, but Nick fit comfortably and had zero complaints, so we took the chair home with us that day.

Floor lamp found here.
Pouf found here. Throw found here. It’s out of stock online, but can still be found at some Target locations.

Then I began my search to find the items to complete the corner. My vision was to have this be a little reading nook, so I needed an ottoman, a lamp, and small table to set my wine coffee. The first thing I bought was this lamp. I actually saw it on my trip to Target last month when I was compiling fun finds for my January: Out & About blog post. I loved the modern look of the clear globe and vintage-style bulb. The curved stand lent an interesting flair and screamed “reading nook” to me. Then, I found this pouf. I thought a traditional ottoman would look too bulky and so I wanted to find something smaller. I liked how the round shape of the pouf complemented the globe on the lamp. I’m also a sucker for texture, so the knit weave sold me.

End table found here.

Finally, I found this end table. It was a PROCESS trying to find the perfect small table. First I tried this C table, but it stuck out too much and wouldn’t slide underneath the chair’s swivel mechanism. I also loved this table, but Nick wasn’t a fan – he said it looked like a mushroom – and once he said that, that’s all I could think about when I looked at it! Finally, I landed on my current table. It’s a beautiful dark bronze color and has a nice heft to it. I was concerned that the metal ringed style wouldn’t be level or flat enough to set a cup on it, but I’ve had no problems.

I am so happy with how this little nook turned out! It gets the best late afternoon light as you can see in the photos above. Plus, it’s so nice to have another lamp since we have no overhead or recessed lighting in this room. I’ve never been the most patient person, but I’m glad I waited until I found the perfect chair to round out this room.

If you’re local, check out Arhaus Loft and let me know what you think. I’ll be sharing my full family room soon and you can see the other piece we scored from The Loft!

xx, bk

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