Nursery Reveal

I can’t believe I haven’t written a blog post since October! But this post should provide the good reason I’ve been so quiet — we’re having a baby! Our daughter will be here in July and we cannot wait to meet her. Over the past few months, we’ve transformed the spare bedroom into the sweetest nursery for our baby girl. I’ll try and link as much as I can for you, but as is the case with most nursery furniture, it is often backordered. On the plus side, a lot of the furniture can be found on multiple sites if you’re having trouble finding something in stock. The hardest part of designing this nursery was doing the bulk of it sight unseen online! The pandemic and stay-at-home orders this Spring made it a little harder to design and decorate, but I think the end result is perfect.

Hanging canvas sign. Double dresser. Blackout curtains. Curtain rods.

I didn’t want to do a traditional changing table since it wouldn’t get much use when she is out of diapers; plus, I wanted the additional drawer and storage space. I found this double dresser on Wayfair and I loved its no-hardware modern look. It’s very similar to the Babyletto version, but significantly cheaper. I will say that my husband had to get a little creative with his wood-working skills to make sure it was sturdy enough to change a squirming baby on, but now it’s secure and I’m super pleased with how it looks.

Oval mirror. Sea grass basket. Changing pad.

As you can see from the photos, this room has some funky, sloped ceiling angles. I actually love the character in our 1940s home, but sometimes finding the right dimensions with items to hang on the sloped walls can be challenging. I wanted to do a mirror over the changing table, but all the round mirrors I typically love were too big to hang on the sloped wall. Enter: the oval mirror. It’s slightly retro in shape, but still modern in a brushed brass frame and most importantly, looks like it was made to fit on that wall! This mirror can also be hung vertically as well as horizontally.

On the small wall opposite the changing table, I hung three acrylic floating bookshelves. I wanted to utilize the empty wall space for something functional and not add bulk to the room with a free-standing bookshelf. The clean look of the acrylic really allows the cute and colorful books to be the main focus.

24″ acrylic shelves. Woven basket.
Crib. Rug. Baby monitor.

Ah, the crib. This was the first furniture item we purchased for her nursery. I knew I wanted something neutral and modern so when I found this crib, I designed the rest of the nursery around it. I love the natural, light wood color of this crib. It’s different than the white and gray options that are popular in today’s nursery decor. It also converts to a toddler bed, which was a nice selling feature.


I was on the fence about getting a mobile for the crib because so many out there are too bright and too bulky for the look I was going for. I stumbled upon Pehr: a super chic and sweet website that features handmade felt mobiles, as well as other nursery decor and clothing. It had so many adorable mobile options to choose from and my husband actually picked out this particular one called “Bunny Hop” which is also a cute nod to my maiden name 🙂

Oversized tassel garland. Sea grass basket. Similar sheep blanket found here.

Another item I bought very early on in the design process was this oversized tassel garland from PB Teen. The muted pink and mauve in the garland became the accent colors in the nursery. I wanted to veer away from the baby pinks and light purples that are common in nurseries for little girls, but I still wanted a little pink in the nursery to sweeten the space.

Tall dresser. Lamp. Artwork. Plush lamb. Sea grass basket.

This tall dresser is the same brand and style as the changing table/double dresser. It fits perfectly in this little alcove and provides a lot of additional space for clothing, swaddles, and blankets. I also love this artwork from Minted. The natural wood frame complements the crib and the colors are those muted tones I was going for in her room.

Rocker. Accent table. Rainbow wall hanging.

Another favorite purchase is this rocker. I can’t say enough good things about it. It’s comfortable, well-made, and doesn’t look too “baby-ish.” The only drawback to this rocker is that it’s made in limited quantities so it often goes in and out of stock on a variety of websites. But there’s a lot of fabric color options and also a darker leg color option so it’s a really versatile piece for any decor theme.

24″ floating shelves. Pouf. Wire basket.

The floating shelves are a Pottery Barn dupe from the Threshold line for Target. Again, I was looking to utilize wall space without adding bulk to the floor. However, I have a feeling that the little wire basket holding her headbands will quickly become too small – I have a problem! Ha!

I hope you enjoy this sweet nursery as much as I do. It’s become my most favorite room in my home for so many reasons. Thanks for reading!

xx, bk

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