Lakehouse Kitchen

July has been a busy month for me so I didn’t get out to any stores to do my monthly fun finds post, but I’ll do an “End of Summer” out and about post next month to satisfy your inspiration needs! In lieu of the monthly series post, I’m coming to you with the first blog post featuring my family’s lakehouse. My parents recently purchased this brand-new build and as you’ll see below, it’s not exactly what you think of when someone says “lakehouse”! There was little to no renovation or remodeling needed since it was brand new, but the kitchen – while gorgeous – didn’t have a backsplash. That’s where the family handyman (aka my husband) came in.

The finished product!

Seriously, how beautiful is this kitchen?! And while I failed to take a picture standing behind the island, trust me when I tell you that there’s an amazing view of the lake right outside. Aside from the new backsplash, the kitchen needed nothing but some decorations. The cabinet hardware, light fixtures, appliances, and quartz countertops were already there.

However, one thing that this kitchen lacked was a backsplash. There are a few inches of the dark gray quartz countertop on the wall as sort of a psuedo-backsplash but the wall above and behind that countertop lip was simply plain. My mom really wanted to do a backsplash so we could bring in some depth and variation to the area.

Kitchen before the backsplash.

We decided on a simple marble tile. The color variations within the tile itself really help to add to the uniqueness of the design. The tiles are laid out in a simple brick pattern, but those color variations keep the backsplash from looking too basic.

This backsplash took Nick about a day to complete when everything was said and done. He had to measure and cut the tiles (including around each outlet), lay the tiles, grout the backsplash, and extend the outlets so that they would lay flush on the new tile. Would you believe this is only his second time doing this?! The first tile backsplash he did was in our kitchen last year. I promise that I’ll do a blog post dedicated to our kitchen remodel soon!

Now onto some fun details in this lakehouse kitchen. These are quite possible the sturdiest but comfiest barstools I’ve sat on. You know how sometimes you go to sit on a barstool and you kind of have to wiggle your way onto the seat and then scoot it back under the bar or island? You don’t have to do that weird dance with these stools. I also love the juxtaposition of the warmth of the wood with the galvanized metal legs.

Exact barstools currently unavailable. Here’s a great alternative.

I’ve always wanted a sliding barn door in my own house so I love that there’s one in my home away from home. The laundry/mud room area is just beyond that door so it’s nice to be able to close it and separate it from the kitchen. The wood tone of the door also complements the barstools nicely and helps to tie in some warmth and a little bit of farmhouse to an otherwise very modern kitchen.

Kitchen runner found here.

Speaking of farmhouse, how about this farmhouse stainless steel sink? Something small but super functional is the grate at the bottom of the sink. Not only do I love the slightly industrial look, it’s great to stand dishes or glasses on without fear of them tipping over. I also like how you can run water in the sink without glasses falling over since they’re resting on the grate. I know it’s a small, silly thing but I don’t think I’d get a sink without it now!

Even when you have a gorgeous canvas to start with, a small personal touch – like a backsplash – can make a huge difference. If you’re thinking of doing a small cosmetic update to your kitchen, a backsplash is a great and relatively inexpensive way to make a big change!

xx, bk

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