Covered Patio Refresh

Patio set found here.

My last post about outdoor furniture really inspired me to get my own outdoor furniture out of winter storage and onto my covered patio. While I won’t be sitting outside daily for a bit since it’s not consistently warm and we currently have a THICK layer of pollen covering every square inch, this furniture is a nice reminder that summer is around the corner!

I purchased this five-piece conversation set last September during the Labor Day sales. We had just finished renovating our deck and decided to take advantage of the deals at that time since we weren’t able to really use our outdoor space the majority of last summer. We didn’t redo the concrete pad on this covered patio at all, but I still wanted to freshen up this space that connects to the deck.

The chairs have a very modern look and feel to them with the dark gray wicker and the box shape. The chairs are deeper than they look and you can sit and lounge comfortably in them. The ottomans are quite large and can double as additional seating.

This small side table that came with the set is the perfect size to go between the two chairs. I usually keep a succulent of some sort on this table for a pop of color. This particular succulent planter is faux, but once the weather warms up, I will likely make my own succulent planter like I did last year. It’s super easy to do and succulents are so low maintenance. I really liked the geometric pattern of this planter and it ended up complementing the patten on the rug nicely.

Rug found here.

Speaking of rugs, I absolutely love this rug I bought from Target. Target is really killing the outdoor furniture game this year. They have a really nice selection of neutral, modern rugs — which, as you all know, is right up my alley. I wanted to keep both the rug and the furniture somewhat neutral so as not to compete with the brightly colored hanging baskets and planters I plan to put out in the next few weeks when it warms up!

I purchased these pillows from HomeSense when I was there taking pictures for my April: Out & About blog post. I spotted one pillow as soon as I walked in the store and spent the rest of my time there trying to find another one. You never know in stores like that if there’s more than one of an item, but I was lucky to find two of the same pillow! I like how the pillow brightens up the chair without being too showy and you can never go wrong with a classic striped pattern.

This is the view from the side of my home. You can see that the area is mostly covered and is directly adjacent to the deck. We have plans to at least repaint the concrete but we haven’t gotten around to it just yet and to be honest, I’m not sure we will! I was so happy with how this little arraignment looked though, that I couldn’t wait to share it even if it’s not 100% finished.

This part of my home faces east, so it gets great light in the mornings. It’s the perfect place for a morning cup of coffee or an evening cocktail. If you have the space, I would definitely recommend multiple small seating groupings in an outdoor space. It makes it easier to entertain and is a good way to bring an indoor feel outside.

I’ll share the rest of my outdoor space soon. I still have more items to buy and flowers to plant! But for now, if it’s sunny and above 60 degrees, you can find me out here, under my covered patio, with a beverage and a good book!

xx, bk

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