Welcome !!

Welcome to BK Home !! A little about me to get things kicked off. I’m Bridget and I’m from Cleveland, OH. I’m an attorney but I’ve always had a passion for home decor and design. My husband Nick and I bought a *semi* fixer upper in July 2017 and that’s only increased my passion for home decor and renovation. I’ve posted home projects on my personal Instagram page and people have said, “Come decorate my home!” So, while (for now) that’s not entirely a possibility, this blog is the next best thing.

My plan is to post at least one or twice a week with personal home projects and decor – some previously seen and some unseen – but also home decor trends and cute products I’ve noticed out and about.

I’ve also started a BK Home Instagram page that will focus more on home and interiors so feel free to follow @_bkhome.

If there’s anything you want to see or questions you have regarding home decor and interiors inspiration, drop me a comment and let me know!

I’m excited to start this space and excited to have you here to share it with me!

xx, bk

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